Estate Planning

The first part of putting together a well-drafted plan starts with the initial client meeting.  I do not charge for the initial consultation, since I believe this is the time to talk about your concerns, what you financial situation looks like, and how I can help you preserve your assets.  Because many family situations are unique, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to estate planning, which is what makes this initial meeting is so important.  I am happy to help you based on your particular situation and make recommendations. All fees are disclosed during this initial consultation.   I am also willing to make house calls in certain circumstances. 

I structure my recommendations based on different planning "packages".  Some of these components include:

-Will                                                                                           - Pour Over Will

-Revocable Living Trust                                                               - Advance Health Care Directive

-Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care                                - Deed Transfers 

-Durable Power of Attorney for Property

-HIPAA Authorization

When a loved one passes away, there is a lot of work to be done, even if the loved one had a properly drafted estate plan.  I would be happy to assist with administering your loved one's wishes according to the trust language and facilitating the procedures that need to be completed in order to administer the trust.  

Trust administration 


There are times when probate is necessary to transfer property to a decedent's heirs.  In California, the process can be lengthy and involved.  However, there are circumstances that may not warrant a full probate but rather a simplified probate proceeding.    If you are an heir of someone who died with or without a will and you believe probate may be required, I would be happy to go over your options and see what is the best course of action.